Save time, make better decisions and pay little.

14 day free trial. No card requested. Without engagement.



Do you have customer support?

Yes. Our customer support is responsive and there to help.

And security level?

Datablaster app is verified and approved by Facebook and Google. Your data is secure. Datablaster has access to none of your data, it is not stored. 

Can I create my own reports?

Yes, you can create your own reports in Google Sheets or Google Data Studio with the extracted data.

Is the data refreshed when I'm not on Datablaster or reports?

Yes. Everything is updated automatically without any action on your part.

Is it with commitment?

No, no commitment required. On the other hand, 2 months offered on the annual commitment. Contact us. 

What do I need?

A Google Gmail account and access to an ad account or page.

Any questions?