The Datablaster Solution

Create your reports in a few moments from our templates. Your data is updated automatically, every day. 

Quick and easy handling

Getting started is quick and does not require any technical knowledge, the instructions for each step are specified in your user space. 

1. Connect your data

2. Select your template


3. Customize your report

4. Share and analyze reports

Connect your data in 3 clicks

Datablaster has developed an application verified by Facebook and Google. It is 100% secure, all you need is reader access to the data of your pages or your advertising accounts. 
The page or account owner does not receive a notification, they have already authorized you to access the data and our application is approved.

Synthetic templates easy to share

Access synthetic reports in Google Data Studio presenting the results in an accessible and attractive way.
Your data is updated automatically.

Comprehensive reports for in-depth analysis

Under Google Sheets, performance reports are available to you. They make it possible to analyze the campaigns and facilitate the work of the consultant.

Customize your reports

Branding: integrate your logo, name, change colors, typo, etc. No restrictions.
Industries: reports easily adapt to your objectives. E-commerce, lead generation, notoriety, etc. All the indicators you need are available and connected. 

Share and analyze

There are many sharing possibilities:
– PDF download
– embed report on your site
– sharing url link (with or without modifications)
– scheduled and automatic sending by email
Reports are ready and up-to-date at all times to share with colleagues or clients. 

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