LinkedIn Data Studio: Working with LinkedIn Data in Google Data Studio

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Advertising your business through LinkedIn or using the platform to gain attention organically can be a great way to get better results online. However, as an expert, you quickly realize that the LinkedIn environment offers limited statistics and visualization to properly analyze things. You want to see more details about your campaign to understand and act on data trends.

In such cases, third-party tools such as Google Data Studio are popular choices. They not only give you more insight into the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns, but also allow you to present them to others in a visually appealing way.

Sadly, LinkedIn is not a Google product, so there is no "standard" integration available. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to use LinkedIn data for your Data Studio dashboards. Thanks to a "third-party connector", you can easily connect your LinkedIn to Data Studio to visualize LinkedIn data in a dashboard.

In this article, we'll show you how to do just that, so you can track LinkedIn performance in one place and easily share your reports with others.

LinkedIn Data Studio: Why integrate LinkedIn into Google Data Studio?

Bringing your LinkedIn data into Data Studio is helpful because it allows you to immediately see the impact of your efforts. You can then, for example, see which ads are performing well and which are not performing well, or which types of ads are performing the best.

Having 24/24 access to relevant data makes it easier to select which campaigns to adjust. You can also identify declining audiences more quickly and discover the best targeting options for future campaigns.

LinkedIn Data Studio: What LinkedIn data can you use in Data Studio?

Several connectors are available for LinkedIn data. Depending on the LinkedIn connector you use, you can access different data points. provides the following LinkedIn connectors for Google Data Studio:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

Make sure you select the right connector for your dashboards based on the data you need.

LinkedIn Ads Connector:

This connector will probably interest the most users. It is useful for almost all LinkedIn advertisers. On the other hand, the connector for LinkedIn company pages will probably only be relevant if you manage a very large company page.

This Google Data Studio connector for LinkedIn Ads allows you to view statistics about all your ads in your report, including:

  • Sponsored messages
  • Mail Ads (formerly Sponsored InMail)
  • Sidebar text ads
  • All other forms of LinkedIn ads

All of the metrics you can view through the browser in the LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager are accessible with this connector in Data Studio.

LinkedIn Company Pages Connector

Are you primarily concerned with organic growth and do you manage one or more (very) large LinkedIn Company Pages? If so, this connector may be useful to you. The LinkedIn Company Pages connector for Google Data Studio allows you to retrieve metrics and dimensions related to your company pages. Use the Company Pages connector to get insight into your organic performance, including page performance, post engagement, and audience demographics.

Here is some information you can retrieve with this connector:

  • Subscriber Details: total number of followers for the page, as well as a breakdown of follower demographics (industry, job, region, etc.).
  • Historical sharing: Basic stats for posts, shares, and updates, broken down by date (not post ID).
  • Historical tracking: Track statistics for new organic and sponsored followers for the page, broken down by date.
  • Page life: Page-specific statistics on the life of the page (page views, job views, basic demographics) cannot be broken down by date.
  • Page statistics: page-specific statistics (page views, vacancies views, etc.), to be broken down by date.
  • Details of comments shared: Get comment text details for shares, updates, and posts, as well as share titles.
  • Action totals: Lifetime total stats for stocks on company page. Cannot be split by date or share/post.
  • UGC details: basic dimensions on post types not covered by the “Update Details” section (such as video posts), including name, link, etc. Contains statistics on the number of updates.
  • Update details: details about updates, shares and posts (title, poster, URL, etc.) and basic statistics for updates.

It is only possible to view data from your own Pages, not from competitors' LinkedIn Pages. To connect the connector, you need a LinkedIn account with Super Admin or Content Admin rights for the page in question.

Do not hesitate to consult our article with a social media report example for LinkedIn.

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