How to report Facebook Ads

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There are different solutions to set up a Facebook Ads report. The Facebook Business Manager offers a report functionality that allows you to extract data. It is then necessary to format them and facilitate understanding. 

It is also possible to automate the extraction and restitution of data. In Google Sheets and/or Google Data Studio for example. 

It is therefore possible to follow the main performance indicators of the campaigns. But also to generate and program complete and personalized reports for your company or your client.

In this article, we will explain how to report Facebook Ads with the Facebook reporting tool, from creation to sharing. Next, we tell you how to obtain this data much faster and automatically.

How to report Facebook Ads using native Business Manager tool ?

It is necessary to manually fetch the data via the report tool. After having generated a report, it must be customize with the most important information, export it, take care of the formatting to make it digestible and finally share it with the decision-makers.

  The steps to report Facebook Ads are: 

  1. Open the Facebook Ads Manager and log in to your account;
  2. Access Reports in one of two ways: the tab Analytics and Reports, present in the main menu, or within campaigns, ad groups or ads, select the menu Reports ;
    Facebook Business Manager Report Tool
  3. Click on the button Create and select the breakdowns to generate the report based on the data essential to your analysis.

Each report created in your manager can be customized to make your analysis more complete. With this, it is possible to choose the details, but also the metrics and filters used in the document. 

How to export and share your reports?

After customizing your report with the most important campaign and ad information, you can export as a links, .xlsx or .csv files . To do this, simply select the desired report and click on the button Export choosing the best format for your analyses.

You can then share your report with the team or decision maker via a link generated with the button Share.

How to report Facebook Ads in seconds with Datablaster?

As we have seen previously, reporting via the Facebook Ads Manager requires manual and recurring actions. This quickly becomes complicated to manage on several accounts.

But don't worry, there is external tools such as Datablaster, to generate automatically comprehensive reports from Facebook and other ad networks. 

Indeed, Datablaster automatically collects and synthesizes data from your advertising campaigns and your social network pages.

Even better, with our reports, you can generate your reports in seconds. You can then analyze the campaigns easily based on the most relevant data for your project.

How to report Facebook Ads

This way, your team, client or decision maker can view results from all channels in which he invests in a single document, with a layout that conveys information clearly and objectively. Additionally, you can add text, image, and video analytics to complement the metrics displayed.

Another interesting point, we also offer the possibility automate report generation, with recurring sendings by e-mail, and to create dashboards so your customer or decision maker can browse channel results whenever they want.

In other words, with Datablaster, you can easily evaluate the return of your Facebook Ads and other advertising campaigns. This allows you to focus on what really matters: your strategy.
Do not hesitate to consult all our available templates, you can also see our article on how to import facebook ads data into google sheets

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